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How to teach children to be safe around dogs

bluedogLet's face it! It's hard to bring up a puppy or dog along with a small child. Who are your training - the dog or the child? The child needs to learn not to do things to the dog which will cause the dog to be upset. And the dog needs to learn not to misbehave with the child, or to be fearful or children. A healthy dose of socialisation and training can help with the dog, but how do you teach a small child what's ok and what's not.

I first came across the Blue Dog Project a few years ago at the IAHIAO conference in Glasgow. It sounded like a fantastic idea - concerning how best to help children learn about dogs. The project has completed and I've finally managed to get hold of the result -

This can now only be ordered directly from the compamy,

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blue dog cd and booke parent guideThe CD contains several computer based interactive games for children to help them understand when it's ok to approach a dog and when it's not. And also to understand why a dog may not want to be approached sometimes.

The Parent Guide explains the games, and covers lots of other great info. The CD even has a test mode for parents, and then suggests that the parents work with the child, guiding them through the games.

The games are educational, but also great fun - even made me smile!

It's aimed at children between 3 and 6 years old. (click for a larger image)

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