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Puppy Training Help

It's just so important to get off to the right start with puppies.

Our essential puppy guides help you with:
  • What to think about before you get a puppy: helping you to choose the right breed and breeder etc.
  • To make sure that you breeder is knowledgeable and is correctly helping your puppy through the very important early weeks
  • Understanding what's important for focus on first and how to help your puppy through their socialisation phases
  • How to train your puppy and where to look to find a good puppy class - and also to consider whether classes are right for you
  • And of course looking at what to do when your puppy seems to have picked up some bad habits. There are lots of free help notes and of course access to personal help.
  • FREE Advice Puppies (facebook group)

Dog Training Help

Dog Training Classes are run on an adhoc basis in Ardgay whenever we have enough folks looking for classes. Private dog training sessions can really help you directly with any type of dog training problem - stop pulling - stop jumping - come back to you - listen to you more.

Whilst these are dog training sessions, Anna always helps you to understand dog training theory - in a simple and straightforward way - so that you actually learn what's preventing your training success.

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Or have a look here for help with the most common dog training problems

Dog Behaviour Help

Reactive or aggressive dogs are the most common dog behaviour issues. Many owners say that they know their dog isn't aggressive - he's just scared or anxious. And indeed that is the starting point. Most aggressive issues stem from fear. At other times, even recall difficulties can be caused by underlying emotional issues. Anna had been helping behaviourally challenged dogs and their owners since 2003. The approach is holistic - to help your dog and to help you cope. Living with troubled dogs can be stressful. Dogs just want to be happy and we just want to go for nice happy walks with them. Please don't struggle along on your own - behaviour help is available in group sessions or privately. Just give me a call or email to see what's best for you.

At the other end of the scale, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety or other separation issues - they are simply not coping with being home alone. Again please don't wait and allow your house to be even more damaged.

The earlier we start on helping our dogs to overcome their difficulties, the quicker the problem is to fix.
Go here for full details on dog behaviour help.

Puppies can have behaviour problems too. To prevent puppy problems, or fix them, please look here.