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Dog Bite Prevention Week Helps us focus on Dog Biting Problems

Perhaps not hugely advertised in the UK, National Dog Bite Prevention Week is running soon - in May - The idea is great (and sadly needed) - it allows us to give some focus to specific aspects regarding living with our dogs.

Are things worse these days? Or do we just hear about it more? That's an interesting question surrounding a number of topics.

Certainly prevention is key, and here's our advice on how to prevent dogs biting. Most aggression and most bites are fear motivated. So, if we can help our dogs to not be fearful, then that's certainly going to help.

Puppies - Get it right from the start!

Choose the right dog for you and your family

Cute little puppies can grow into big dogs with bit mouths and big teeth very very quickly. It can be a great experience for a child to grow up with and look after a dog. So do take the time to investigate the right breed (or cross breed) for you. Think about whay your lifestyle's going to be like now, in 6 months, in a year - will you be able to walk with a pram, will your older children have lost interest? Read more about getting a puppy here.

Train your dog

Part of the reason that dogs have so much difficulty in our human world is because they simply don't understand it. They don't understand us, and they don't understand the surroundings and what's being asked of them. Fear and Frustration are hugely influential when dogs bite. Training is not about obedience!! it's about improving your communication skills - if your dog understands you, then they'll know what's being asked of them; they'll feel more confident and they'll have learned to cope with their frustrations - think how you feel when you continue to try something and just don't get it! Frustrated? Angry? Well, it's the same for your dog.

If your dog understands you, then they'll be much more content and happy.

What if your dog's already behaving aggressively?

Step 1 : NEVER be confrontational - it simply makes things worse - always dissipate the situation. Do not bite your dog back. Do not pin your dog to the ground.

Step 2 : Contact a qualified behaviourist for help. (Look at the CAPBT here)

More Help

blue dog cd and booke parent guideBlue DOG
Child Training DVD

It's a great way to train young children how and when to safely interact with their dog or puppy.

...>more on the Blue Dog CD

No matter how much your trust your pet - never leave your child alone with your dog


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