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Wonder Why Your Dog is Having Behaviour or Training Problems?

Or, perhaps you're just interested in why puppies or dogs do certain things and what, if anything you should do?

If you think that your dog is being dominant or stubborn or won't listen to you or if you've just tried everything and don't know where to turn, then do please come along to this Dog Behaviour Secrets - Revealed talk.

We will essentially cover the main top secrets that behaviourist and trainers know. We will cover how dogs learn and what causes them to have difficulties coping with life, frequently becoming aggressive or barky or jumpy or perhaps even suffering from separation anxiety. And then we'll move on to helping you to understand what steps need to be taken to help with your dogs training or behaviour problems.Dogz Thinkz Differentz Book cover

The talk is presented by Anna Patfield has been helping people with their dog behaviour problems for many years now, and can help you to truly understand your dogs brain.

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Can't wait? Well, get some help here to improve your communication with your dog. This free book called Dogz Thinkz Differentz will help to think differently about your dominant or stubborn dog and help you to understand how they actually think. There's more information on Dogz Thinkz Differentz here.

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Wee video explaining the content of the dog behaviour secrets talk - essentiall an guide to what goes wrong with dog behaviour and training and how we can move forward more effectively.


Dog Behaviour Secrets - revealed!

What's covered in the talk?

Well that would be revealing all the secrets here and now ;)

But as a rough idea we will be talking about

  • the importance of genetics and early life
  • what makes their brains tick
  • why your dog knows what to do but just won't listen to you
  • why they keep doing things you've told them not to do, like stealing things, jumping up and running off
  • why today impacts on tomorrow
  • top tips on developing a behaviour change programme
  • and how to make training more efficient and more effective

You will leave with

  • a better understanding of what's going on in your dogs brain
  • knowledge of how to help your dog hear you better
  • what needs to change to help them feel calmer or less angry or scared
  • and how to work out a plan to resolve the problems

Booking is essential and please book early as tickets are limited to ensure that we also have time to answer your questions and address some of your specific issues.

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