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k9cafe-ask me anythingSunday afternoons (or another time to suit)

"Pop Up" Puppy Party and/or

K9 Cafe

What's this all about?

Puppy Party

This is run kind of every Sunday afternoon - when we have more than 2 puppies wanting to party. This is mostly about puppy socialisation, but we can aslo cover some training basics and any other puppy type questions.

Ask Me Anything K9 Chat

And this is an opportunity for a few folks to get together over coffee and talk dog. Any dog or puppy training and behaviour topic can be discussed. Ask Me Anything!

Where? At the Pawsability Behaviour Centre Ardgay - OR - At Your Home!

How much? The cost for the group is £50 - so individual cost depends on numbers. For instance, if you have 5 friends with doggy questions, just invite them around for a coffee and they can ask me anything about dog behaviour, puppy training, dog training etc.

If you'd like to organise a K9 Cafe or come here, email here please or call 07906173993
Parking is limited so book in early please.
Times will be fixed once bookings are known.

Whilst this is available every Sunday, it will actually run as and when enough folks want to get together. Minimum 2 puppies for the party or 2 people for K9 Chat.

The puppy party session will be focussed on (safe and managed) puppy play and a wee bit of training. The K9 Chat part is for folks to chat without their dogs or puppies - to allow us to focus on the questions... but may be amalgamated with the puppy play sessions. It is afterall an informal K9 Cafe. Topics could include:

So, if you want to get a better understanding of why your dog does what it does or how their brains work or what books to read or how to select the right puppy, or some training hints and tips then please do book up.

Book onto the K9 Cafe or Puppy Party - Sunday's (or another time to suit you)

Email here to book or for more info on the K9 Cafe

Canines, cake, chat n coffee, good fun and education all at the same time. What's not to like...

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Can't make it? Get really interesting and helpful dog info direct to your mail box here

Would you like to host a K9 Cafe or Puppy Party and get FREE advice?

Provide the cake n coffee and get your friends to pay. Just get in touch here to organise this - Ask Me Anything - at your home.

Please contact Pawsability at 07906173993 or email
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