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The next Good Dog Diet talk is - 8th Jun 2019 - Aberdeen, 29th June - West Calder

the good dog dietWhat should I feed my dog for health and happiness?

Feeding dogs has become terribly complicated. We've gone beyond just throwing them scraps or tinned meat and mixer. Every day our choices grow leading to more and more confusion: dry, wet, mixed, raw, cooked, what brand? Fortunately with the advances in nutritional science we now know alot more than we did some years ago. It is indeed therefore possible to make educated decisions rather than just jumping from brand to brand and hoping for the best. We all probably understand that food can affect the health of our dogs, but what about the question - Does food affect behaviour?

Anna became aware of this question when studying pet behaviour with COAPE and then continued her studies with the Companion Animal Science Institute. Tirelessly analysing every aspect of digestion Anna aimed to unconver the food-behaviour mysteries and truly get to grips with understanding canine digestive system and whether and how feeding can affect behaviour.

This all culminated with The Good Dog Diet which simply and clearly explains all of the areas of digestion and behaviour with a view to allowing everyone to answer their own questions.

And now, after significant peer pressure, Anna has developed a short talk on the topic of dog food and behaviour.

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*** West Calder, 29th June ***

*** Aberdeen 8th June ***

Watch the video below summarising the content of the talk on Dogs: Food, Brains and Behaviour

Dogs: Food, Brains and Behaviour

This educational talk will help you to understand canine nutrition from the roots up. We'll cover

  • What food is
  • How food is digested
  • How food can affect behaviour
  • How to understand what we're actually feeding
  • How to determine whether a change would be beneficial
  • How to separate fact from fiction
  • And the amazing new ground-breaking scientific nutritional discoveries (aka Epigenetics and the Microbiome)

Booking is essential please.

Watch a summary of the talk content here

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