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Stop your Dog Barking at the Postman.....

Here's a quick tip to stop your dog barking at the postman, or the paper boy etc. It sounds so simple, but it is worth a try......

Have a bag of large super tasty, crumbly, treats handy. When the posty comes to the driveway or the door, give your dog one or two of these treats away from the doorway - in their bed or in the living room for instance. By the time they've chewed it up and hoovered all the crumbs off the floor, the postman will be gone!

(Large fish treats, excellent - healthy, natural, large, crunchy and flaky, as are the Sea Jerky Treats. this is because of their highly tasty, crumbly texture - most dogs really do love them)

Repeat this for several days. If this approach is working for you, your dog should start to bark maybe once - you say "thankyou", and then give the dog a treat.

Move forward then to only giving the treat every couple of days and then once a week. You may then need to repeat the process after a few weeks.

  1. This is a quick tip only, and doesn't constitute a full training or behaviour program. It works well in many circumstances, and if you're still having difficulty in a week or so, then please contact a trainer or behaviourist for help.
  2. IT IS NOT FOR AGGRESSIVE DOGS! - this technique is only suitable for dogs who are simply making a noise - and not acting aggressively. If your dog is acting aggressively in any way, then please look at to find a behaviourist close to you for help.
  3. Always watch your dogs weight when giving them extra treats

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