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6 Top Tips for New Puppy Owners

Time and time again, I hear new puppy owners saying that they are doing everything by the book. Sadly many of these books are actually out of date with the modern understanding of dogs' brains and behaviour. Here's a secret for you.

Puppies really have no idea about right and wrong.

They simply investigate the world to find out what makes them happy and what's best to avoid. You may be thinking, well yes, so if I shout at my puppy for stealing a sock then they'll know that's the wrong thing to do. And you can see that they know they've done something wrong - because they put their head down, curl their body and pull their tail between their legs, or perhaps run away to their bed.


Unfortunately, all that this shouting does is to teach your puppy that you can sometimes be strange and angry in their presence. Well, you know, this plays real havoc with recall (come to me training) - why should your puppy want to come to you when you're sometimes angry when they are near you.

This wee cowering puppy is simply responding to your strange behaviour. Puppies don't know good from bad.

Punishment Doesn't Work
Teaching with kindness does
Your puppy wasn't trying to be devious or bad. So what can we do to help our puppies develop in the best possible way? Well, here are 6 top tips to help you to avoid puppy problems.
Don't take your puppy's food bowl away
Gently throw tastier treats into the bowl instead
Don't tell your puppy off when they steal something
Be puppy tidy. Clean up. Keep things safe.
Don't give them the whole car boot to travel in
Create the smallest most secure space possible.
Don't allow your puppy to play-nibble your fingers
Gently swap your fingers for a toy.
Don't shout at them when they jump up
Teach them to sit
Never pin your puppy or alpha-roll them
Teach them what you want then to do and prevent unwanted situations arising

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