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Pawsability Hints and Tips for July - or any other hot month

Summer can be very stressful for dogs - all this heat... too much for us to bare, never mind the dogs...... here's some top tips for surviving the heat

Don't just assume your dog can go on all their normal walks at their normal times - if you can, wait til later in the evening when it's cooler - and make sure you go out when its still cool in the mornings

dog raftOr, how about going somewhere near water where your pup can have a refreshing dip - do ofcourse take care that the water's safe

Always keep lots of fresh cold water in your dogs bowl - keep an eye on it - don't wait for it to empty
When you're out in the garden, make sure there's a nice shady place for your dog - they don't really want to sunbathe next to you - far too hot - perhaps they'd prefer to settle inside for a bit
dog groomer

How about a good hair cut?

And what about food and diet? Well, some dogs seem to need more food to help them keep cool and some dogs, just like us, don't feel like eating in the heat - just keep an eye on their food and their weight - if they're getting less exercise, then they'll need less food - if they get fat, they'll be less able to deal with the heat

hot dog

Not too much running about in the park after balls and frisbe's either - many enjoy the game so much they don't notice how hot and dehydrated they're getting

And don't forget that those extremities can get sunburned - protect noses and ear tips etc

When you do go on a walk, make sure you take water for your dog too

Watch out for car journeys - even if you're in the car with your dog, they can get extremely hot and distressed - make sure you've prepared and keep the car in a shady place before you go - open all the doors and windows to cool the car down before you set off.

Many dogs like to stick their heads out of the window or out the back of the truck - this might be fun and amuzing but it's also dangerous

It's tic season too - here's the best product to safely remove tics at - ofcourse, prevention is better - so when you're out and about, regularly inspect your dog for the little beasties before they get a bite.
food toys

And what to do if they're getting bored from less running about and walks? how about a food toy or some food games or try playing food hide and seek - or scatter the food on the grass - show them where the food is to start with to teach them how to play the game.

And finally, NEVER NEVER NEVER leave your dog in the car in the summer - not even if your just sitting outside - opening the window just isn't enough.

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