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What are the different types of dog training classes?

Here's a wee summary of the different types of dog training, which may help you decide what route to take when training your puppy or your dog.

Puppy Parties

These are frequently run by vet nurses in vet surgeries, with a view to helping puppies socialise with other puppies, in a safe and secure environment. Many puppy parties are very well run, but please take care as some as just allowed to be a free for all for puppies. The overriding objective of all puppy parties should be to ensure that puppies get to meet and greet each other in a calm and happy way. Some puppies are bound to be fearful and some bullies. There should be nothing happens in the puppy party to allow bullies to bully or to force scared wee puppies out from under the chair.

Basic Obedience Training

This is simply about teaching your dogs the basic human-dog communication rules. Many times now a days some classes introduce tricks and run, which is great. But, they also need to ensure that the basics - sit - stand - down - heel - recall - leave - give are all taught too.


Agility classes are generally only available for dogs over 1 year old and only for those who are competent at obedience. Some dog trainers run fun agility groups and some are more keen on encouraging competition. Dog should never be forced over objects. They should be happy to approach all objects confidently. Some dog trainers start puppies early and make a start at ground based agility techniques, which is a great way to build on focus and attention.

Search and Rescue Dogs

If your dog has a good nose, then you might want to consider training them up to help with search and rescue. This is a demanding and courageous choice. For more information, have a look at SARDA-Scotland or SARDA-England

Field Trials Training

Whether you want to get involved in shooting with your dog or not, Field Trials Training is a great way again to build on focus and provide your gun-dog with the type of exercise and stimulation he was born for. Field Trials Training uses some agility equipment and also build on pick ups and searching.

Ring Craft

If you are wanting to show your dog, then Ring Craft Training is what you need. This teaches you and your dog what you need to know to enter competitions: from how to stand correctly and how to be examined to walking properly around the arena.

Guide Dog

We all know how great guide dogs are. Generally pet owners wouldn't get involved in Guide Dog Training. However, if you wanted to help, the Associations usually need puppy foster homes.

Assistance Dog Training

Again, this is a specialist area. Assistance dogs can help to identify things like seizures and allow their owners to leave a more normal life; or they may assist with day to day tasks like helping in the bank or with the washing.

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

And another specialist area. Here dogs are trained to tell their owners if the phone rings, or if someone is at the door etc.


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