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Dancing with Dogs / Heelwork to Music

There seems to be a bit of controversy over whether this is good or bad for your dog. Well, all we can say is that WE LIKE IT! It's great fun - and even if you don't take it seriously - it gives more opportunity to carry out that wee bit extra training. Go on - be honest - do you never have a wee dance in the house when some music's playing? Well why not get your dog involved too?

extendible target stickHow do you start? A good place to start is with Target Training - This is simply teaching your dog to touch a "target" with their nose, and then getting them to circle round to the left or to the right.

This extendable target stick fits easily into your pocket - it's just the size of a pen.

wrist clickers, extendable clickers, standard clickersClicker training really helps to inform your dog they are doing the right thing - so touch target, then click and treat.

Look here for clicker training notes

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